Friday, April 21, 2017

Dearly Beloved........The Prince I knew...................

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I hope you've been well since my last entry. Time is a tricky thing. Saying you'll get to it in a sec can turn into days,weeks or even months LOL. Enjoying my last day home got me reminiscing about the adventures Desmond and I have been on since we last chatted (we'll get back to that) and about where I was a year ago when I heard that Prince had transitioned. I'm also reminded of the detour we took in November to Minnesota to visit Paisley Park!

Growing up I had 2 celebrity boyfriends Michael Jackson and Prince!! (Don't laugh at me what we had was real LOL). I grew up during a time when music and dance were true. Prince was provocative,sexy and BEYOND talented. I'd never seen or heard anyone like him! His music and style was timeless. I think I liked him most for his mystery. A few of my favorite songs were The Ladder, Little Red Corvette, Pink Cashmere and of course Purple Rain!  I'm rarely saddened by the passing of a celebrity but again Prince WAS my childhood boyfriend and it was his music I grew up on so his death made me pause.....

A few months after his passing I read that Paisley Park would be opened for tours. I IMMEDIATELY researched further and put this tour on Des's and I  "Must Visit List".  For me it wasn't about viewing the place Prince died but visiting the place he lived and recorded many of his greatest hits. 
Desmond and I FREEZING in front of Paisley Park!


Desmond and I took the G/A tour it explored his office, various recording studios where we saw actual songs hand written by Prince in the very place he left them and different themed rooms that housed the special made guitars, the actual motorcycle from Purple Rain and outfits ONLY Prince could pull off! Going through each room was like a walk down memory lane. I said so many times while I was there "I remember this tape, CD, or video when he wore that". Walking through some of the hallways you see all types of pictures of Prince some I was familiar with but a lot I had never seen before. On one wall there's a mural with his hands out on one side it's all the people he was influenced by and the other side is of all of those who have played with him....... That was breathtaking! The last leg of our tour took us to the stage he had setup where he'd rehearse for tours and host private concerts (yes it was that big) here we saw the last piano purchased by him earlier this year and a few "toy cars". The finale was a viewing of the super bowl performance and various dedications that were left outside of  Paisley Park after his passing....... WOW. When the tour was done you're able to get some light bites like pancakes (which was a favorite of his) and of course pick up some really cool memorabilia.
Tambourine & Tee

Prince on vinyl....PRICELESS!
Like I said the tour was bittersweet AND amazing. It's sad that such a great and talented soul has left us. There was so much more music for him to WOW us with. On the flip side, it was AMAZING to see not only how one of my favorite artist lived but how what was in him oozed out in his music and throughout his estate. If there's one trip you're thinking of taking in 2017 consider Minnesota. The tour is expanding and you don't want to miss it!

A year after his death his music still touches me. His music is addictive you can't hear Purple Rain and NOT sing along while playing your "air guitar". Prince's footprint on the music industry can never be duplicated or erased. Continue to rest Prince!
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A few tips about the tour:
1. Purchase tickets early they sell out fast!  There are 2 types of tours General Admission (about $40) and VIP Admission ($100)
2. You can't take pictures. I fact your cell phones are locked away until the tour is complete (in case you get trigger happy and want to snap pics)

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