Monday, November 21, 2016

Post election advice: STEP BACK,REGROUP & PROCEED!

Greetings All!

Thanks so much for the well wishes in my previous entry. I know it's been a minute since we last chit chatted but I'm back to share. Turning that page in the final chapter of my 30's has been interesting to say the least...........During my absence we've traveled to one of my favorite places (Virginia/DC, back home, South Carolina and currently Wisconsin.....

Desmond and I in front of the Whitehouse
In the few weeks I've been incognito I have time to reflect on where I am in my life. (I tend to do that the older I get too lol). One of my mantras while producing Bougie Magazine was step back, regroup and proceed. Outside of business I find this mantra to come in handy in my everyday. Going to Virginia I was EXCITED to revisit one of the first places I visited as a teenager that showed me there was so much more to see (I'm originally from Texas).  It was my first time seeing snow but more importantly it was when my interest in politics and how our government works awoke in me. Going to D.C. during one of the most sensationalized presidential races was the icing on the cake. Leaving there reminded me that being an American is more than living here. For me it means being aware of my community, getting to know my local congressman and making my voice heard.  Although going to vote was already on my to do list during my break I felt an urgency to go sooner than later. The visit also prompted me to do more research on the propositions and the local candidates. My research helped me go to the poll with confidence!

My first time voting in Georgia!

Fast forward to election day: I'm sure I was like most glued to the television to the wee hours of the morning awaiting results. Shocked at the outcome I went to bed...............Over the past few weeks I've heard people happy and I've heard people so devastated they'd lost weight and hadn't slept as a results of the outcome. WOW! I feel for the people who put that much stock in election results. It's not that I am better than them (far far from it LOL) I just know trust and believe that with whomever is in office I still will wake up as Angela Harris, wife and mother. I still have to do what is needed to survive and I still believe that everything happens for a reason. So I leave you with advice to live each day as you did BEFORE the election results. Step back, regroup from the shock and/or dismay and lastly proceed. LIVE!

My name is Angela Harris and I approve this message!

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