Saturday, October 1, 2016

The introduction to October!

I thought it would only be fitting to start this blog in one of me FAVORITE months October! You can really start to see fall (which translates to boot season), you're in that final stretch of the current year and by the way it's my birthday month!!! This birthday is an "unofficial milestone" for me. It will mark the last year of my 30's...... 2016 has been a whirlwind of grief and celebration...I lost my only sister in law suddenly.... my only child graduated from high school and I got married to a wonderful man who stole my heart while I wasn't looking! Through it all the one constant is that time waits for no man so it's important to live,love and TRAVEL while you can!

In my intro I shared that I travel the country with my husband who's an not so ordinary photographer. We travel all over the US for him to photograph our civil servants. Firefighters, Sheriff's, and Police.
How cool right? I remember the day he called me and told me about the job outside of being happy for him I was proud to know that my then boyfriend was establishing his own legacy.  Fast forwarding a few years I am now Mrs. and I have joined my husband on the road. It's been an interesting journey thus far. From June till now I've been to Florida, Indiana,Illinois, Louisiana and South Carolina! Each trip I learn something new about my husband,myself and people in general. As we approach the final trimester of 2016 I welcome it with open arms! I'm going to stop here but I promise to be back soon with more adventures!

Stay Bougie,


  1. I love your debut. I'm here for the long haul XOXO

    1. Nalina thank you so much for your support!